Friday, September 05, 2014

Ichimura Masachika holds press conference to talk about his recovery from cancer

Ichimura Masachika who had announced previously that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, held a press conference on 3 September to talk about his treatment and recovery process in front of 100 members of the press. He revealed that it was all thanks to his wife Shinohara Ryoko that the cancer was discovered early.

According to Ichimura, he was admitted to hospital in late June for acute gastritis after feeling unwell due to eating fish. However, Shinohara felt that something was amiss because her husband was in too much pain that it didn't look like it was just gastritis so she asked the doctor to conduct more detailed tests on him. It was then that they found the cancer in his stomach so Ichimura credited the early discovery to his wife and said that she is his life saver.

Ichimura was admitted to hospital on 28 July for the 4.5 hour surgery where he had half of his stomach removed. Shinohara was waiting for him throughout the surgery and they were very happy to hear that the cancer was completely removed. Their elder son who is six years old, went to the hospital to visit Ichimura and remarked that the wound made his father look like he was in great pain. After Ichimura was discharged on 9 August, their younger son who is just 2.5 years old, was very happy to see him back home and would stick to him all the time since Ichimura has been recuperating at home. Ichimura who lost 4.5kg after the surgery, said that his wife felt as if there was a new child born into the family because Ichimura has to eat food such as porridge these days as part of the recuperation process.

Shinohara's birthday was on 13th August but the family didn't get to celebrate as Ichimura had just been discharged. However, Ichimura was very touched when his wife said that his health is the best present for her and he expressed his thanks to her for giving him a new lease of life.

Source: Sanspo

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