Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sato Koichi and Honda Tsubasa to work together in new movie "Terminal"

Sato Koichi and Honda Tsubasa will be working together in the new movie "Terminal" directed by Shinohara Tetsuo and based on the same-titled novel by Naoki Award writer Sakuragi Shino. The movie which will be shown in autumn next year, features Sato as a 55-year-old lawyer who is living alone in Kushiro and he becomes the defence lawyer for Honda's character, a 25-year-old woman arrested for consumption of stimulants. Sato's character had dumped his wife and children 30 years ago for his lover played by Ono Machiko and his past painful memories are revived as he helps Honda's character through her trial. Over time, the two of them who are 30 years apart begin a platonic romance where they will not even hold hands nor kiss.

Filming began at the end of August at Kushiro, Hokkaido.

Source: Sponichi

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