Thursday, September 25, 2014

Uehara Takako's husband TENN found dead; believed to have committed suicide

Uehara Takako's husband i.e. TENN of the the hip-hop group ET-KING (real name Moriwaki Takahiro) was found dead in his own car around 7am on 25 Sep and police believe that there was no foul play involved. According to the police, Uehara who had not found her husband at home at 6.25am today, went to search for him and later saw him in their wagon car's back seat with a rope-like object circled around his neck. The wagon was parked at the carpark of the apartment where the couple was staying at. Due to the shock, Uehara could only manage to call a female relative to come to the scene and the latter then called the police at 7.25am. It is said that TENN had left behind his suicide note at home thus police believe that he took his own life.

TENN and Uehara got married on 23 August 2012 and she moved to Osaka to stay with him as his career activities were mainly based there. Before TENN died, he appeared as a member of unit "Hiroumonzu" on an open fan meeting hosted on smartphone application "755" between 9pm and 10pm the previous night thus it is believed that he took his life after returning home.

Source: Daily Sports

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